Cottontail Margaritas

by XuCharles on Apr 14, 2023

Cottontail Margaritas


This creamy Cottontail Cocktail is perfect for Easter! A delicious whipped cream, coconut flavored cocktail, topped off with a cute tail!


1/4 c. marshmallow fluff

2 c. sweetened shredded coconut

1 (14 oz.) can coconut milk

1 1/2 c. silver tequila

1 c. triple sec

1/2 c. pineapple juice

1/4 c. lime juice

Ice, for serving




  1. Step 1Using a butter knife (or a small offset spatula), spread marshmallow fluff around rims of glasses. Add shredded coconut to a shallow bowl, then dip the tops of glasses in coconut, adhering the coconut to the fluff. 
  2. Step 2In a large pitcher, stir together coconut milk, tequila, triple sec, pineapple juice, and lime juice. 
  3. Step 3Add ice to glasses then pour over margarita mixture. 


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