Damascus Rose Essential Oil

by XuCharles on Mar 20, 2023

Damascus Rose Essential Oil

Hooloo Essential Oil Distiller is an efficient distillation equipment that can be used to make various essential oils, including Damascus Rose essential oil. Here are the steps and precautions for making Damascus Rose essential oil using Hooloo Essential Oil Distiller.


Step 1: Prepare the raw materials


First, you need to prepare a large amount of Damascus Rose petals. It is best to collect them in the morning, as this is when the scent of the roses is the strongest. Remove the petals and thoroughly clean them. Then, place the petals in a dry and ventilated place to air dry for a period of time, which helps to remove the moisture from the surface of the petals.


Step 2: Prepare the distiller


Fill the pot of the Hooloo Essential Oil Distiller with clean water and connect the power supply. Put the Damascus Rose petals in the basket of the distiller, and fill the basket as much as possible. Be careful not to overfill the pot to avoid affecting the distillation effect. Then, cover the distiller lid.

Step 3: Turn on the distiller


Set the Hooloo Essential Oil Distiller switch to the highest temperature and start heating. During the heating process, the water in the pot begins to boil and produce steam. The steam through the pipeline, and the flower essence in the steam deposits on the pipeline. The essential oil flows into the bottle through the pipeline.


Step 4: Collect the essential oil


When the water in the distiller has completely evaporated, or the petals in the flower basket have turned dry brown, you can turn off the distiller. Take out the bottle from the distiller and collect the essential oil with a dropper. Finally, seal the essential oil bottle and store it.



During the process of making essential oil, keep the distiller and work area clean and hygienic to avoid bacteria and other pollutants contaminating the essential oil.

During the essential oil distillation process, the distiller produces high temperature and high pressure. Be careful to avoid scalding.

The production of Damascus Rose essential oil requires a large amount of petals, and it is best to use fresh, pesticide-free organic petals.




When using the Hooloo Essential Oil Distiller, follow the instructions for operation to avoid safety issues.

During the distillation process, regularly check the water level in the water tank and add water in a timely manner.

Use dark-colored glass bottles to store essential oils to avoid light affecting the fragrance and efficacy of the oils.

Store essential oils in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.



Making Damascus Rose essential oil using Hooloo Essential Oil Distiller requires certain skills and experience, but as long as you follow the correct steps and precautions, you can obtain high-quality essential oils. Making essential oils requires patience and care, but it is also an interesting thing that allows people to feel the beauty and mystery of nature.


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