How to Make a Blue Hawaiian Cocktail

by XuCharles on Mar 11, 2023

How to Make a Blue Hawaiian Cocktail


The Blue Hawaiian cocktail is a very popular cocktail with its beautiful appearance and refreshing taste. The main ingredients of this cocktail are tequila, blue curaçao, and pineapple juice. It has a strong flavor and is suitable for summer consumption.




1.5 oz

Blue curaçao  

1 oz

Pineapple juice

4 oz

Lemon juice

0.5 oz

Ice cubes

As needed




Cocktail shaker


Cocktail glass




Ice tongs


Detailed Steps:

  1. Add tequila, blue curaçao, pineapple juice, and lemon juice to the cocktail shaker.

  2. Add ice cubes as needed.

  3. Shake the cocktail shaker a few times until all the ingredients in the cocktail are mixed evenly.

  4. Take out a cocktail glass and pour out the ice cubes in the glass.

  5. Use a jigger to pour the mixed cocktail into the glass.

  6. Use ice tongs to take an ice cube and put it in the glass.

  7. Add a slice of pineapple or lemon on top of the cocktail as a garnish.


  1. If you want the cocktail to be sweeter, you can add some sugar syrup.

  2. If you prefer a richer taste, you can add some coconut milk or cream.

  3. When making the cocktail, be sure to add the various ingredients in the right proportions to avoid affecting the taste.


The Blue Hawaiian cocktail is a refreshing and beautiful cocktail, perfect for summer consumption. Making this cocktail is very simple, just prepare the necessary ingredients and tools, add the ingredients in the right proportions, shake well, and add a garnish. Be sure to add the ingredients in the right proportions to ensure the taste and flavor of the cocktail. If you want a sweeter cocktail, add sugar syrup, or for a richer taste, add coconut milk or cream. Finally, you can garnish with a slice of pineapple or lemon to make the cocktail more visually appealing. Try making a Blue Hawaiian cocktail today!


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