Double Barrel Heat Exchange Cycle Saccharification System Mash Tun 304L Stainless steel For Beer/Whiskey(FOB Price)

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304L Stainless steel Double Barrel Heat Exchange Cycle Saccharification System Mash Tun For Beer/Whiskey

  • Preferred food grade 304 stainless steel material, sturdy and durable, with a wall thickness of 3mm
  • The internal and external mirror surfaces, coupled with meticulously crafted cold-drawn pipe openings, not only contribute to a visually stunning appearance but also underscore the attention to detail and quality craftsmanship invested in the design.

Heat exchange circulation saccharification system (double barrel):
On the left is a saccharification/boiling bucket (including a filter bucket and two sieve plates), and on the right is a heat exchange/washing bucket (including a heat exchange coil), which meets several major functions of beer brewing: saccharification, washing of lees, boiling, rotary sedimentation, filtration, etc. It comes standard with a 40rm magnetic pump, a touch screen PLC control system, stainless steel handle duckbill butterfly valve and hard pipeline. The bucket is a shallow conical bottom bucket, reducing wort loss and facilitating cleaning and drainage.
Compared with the positive circulation Mash Tun single barrel, it has the following advantages: saccharification is based on the principle of heat exchange, which means that the wort is heated through the heat exchange barrel coil for constant temperature rise instead of being directly heated by an electric heater, which can avoid the risk of saccharification and paste pot in the integrated machine, and the saccharification temperature is more uniform, resulting in higher sugar extraction efficiency.
The same saccharification principle applies to the same three barrels, with the difference being that the three barrels have independent saccharification barrels, but the two barrels are more economical and cost-effective.
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