screwdriver cocktail

by XuCharles on Apr 29, 2023

screwdriver cocktail


If you asked people what is the first “cocktail” they’ve ever had, they’d probably say it was a screwdriver. It’s a stalwart of college parties and boozy brunches for its simplicity and accessibility.

We kept our approach pretty straightforward: just vodka, orange juice, and ice. The only thing we might insist on is that you use freshly squeezed OJ. This takes what is kind of a forgettable drink into a far more pleasant experience. You can even strain the pulp if you like that clean “from the bottle texture.”


2 oz of vodka

4 oz of orange juice

Ice cubes

Orange slice for garnish


Fill a highball glass with ice.

Pour 2 oz of vodka into the glass.

Add 4 oz of orange juice.

Stir the mixture well.

Garnish with an orange slice.

Serve and enjoy your refreshing screwdriver cocktail!


Cocktails are best enjoyed right after making and do not work as a make-ahead drink because the soda will go flat. 

If you tried this classic cocktail, let us know how it came out in the comments below!

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